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NextPDF v3 allows you to convert documents to PDF (Portable Document Format) via "Print to PDF" function as long as your software application can generate 'Print' output. Features: - Owner Password The password that is required to change security settings in Adobe Acrobat. If the reader of the document knows this password he can change any security settings, including all passwords. - User Password The password that is required to read the document. User password does not give the reader the ability to change any security setting. - Allow printing If not selected, readers will not be able to print the document in optimal quality. If "Allow low-quality printing" is not selected, readers will not be able to print the document at all. - Allow copy to clipboard If this checkbox is not ticked, readers will not be able to copy document content by copying text or graphics to the clipboard and then pasting the content into another application. If you allow copying to clipboard you also automatically enable the "Allow screen readers" options and other accessibility tools can access to the content of your document. -Allow screen readers If this checkbox is not ticked, readers will not be able to read the document on screen or use other accessibility tools to interact with your document. - Allow low-quality printing If you clear "Allow printing" but select this checkbox then users will be able to print your document, but not in high-quality.

Systems: Windows

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